Clothes Made for Babies with Hip Dysplasia

We are taking a break and will be back on March 28th 2017. Your order will be shipped from March 28th.

HipTilly clothing was created from our own hip journey with our first born, Matilda, who was diagnosed at birth with DDH. Through the many and varied challenges parents of DDH babies experience, we found clothing Matilda one of the most difficult. The 3 months Matilda spent in the Rhino Brace was the true inspiration for HipTilly; worn over her clothes, the brace was so dirty and unsightly we simply wanted to hide it. It was a constant visual reminder of DDH. 

4 years ago we started the journey to create key day and night clothing options for babies and toddlers with DDH - designed to be worn over the various braces and harness' used to treat DDH.
HipTilly has arrived, and we are proud to share our Melbourne made clothing with your beautiful babies and toddlers.